C Major Entertainment Marketing, Inc.

C Major Entertainment Marketing and Public Relations is a boutique agency based in Seattle, Washington, specializing in Broadway and other stage and arena style tours. The company is managed by Catherine Major, who has helmed over 20 large and small scale tours in as many years, working in theatres throughout the United States and Canada.

C Major Marketing oversees the marketing strategy, and creative campaign for each show, implementing those campaigns in tour cities, working within a four-wall, partnership, or buyout relationship.

C Major boasts thorough knowledge of the touring marketplace, having managed the marketing and publicity efforts for shows in every major, and almost every minor market in North America. She is vastly knowledgeable in all aspects of media, including web and social media, and committed to creating exciting and far reaching promotional campaigns to support the paid media effort.

C Major is ATPAM certified with complete understanding the publicity landscape relative to all venues and works fluidly in print, online, television and radio.